Crystal Courses

Crystal School: Level 1

Name of Class: Crystal School: Level 1 Crystal Healing Intensive and Initiation
Instructor: Naha Armády
Length of class: 3-Days, 17hrs total
Prerequisite: Magic Fundamentals 2-Day Intensive,

This course is has been reworked and rewritten from a 6-week course to a 3-day intensive, with the most relevant and useful practices.

If you would like to be notified the next time this training occurs, or inquire about the recorded course, please email

Head of faculty Naha has taught crystal healing for over a decade, and in that time, much has evolved and the popularity of crystals for healing purposes has grown greatly. There is a growing need for consciousness about this natural healing technology as well as the ethics behind it and the stewardship of the Earth. This brand new intensive is the result of Naha’s experience in crystal healing and includes the teachings of her original 6-week course – updated and refined, as well as a special initiation process by which students will receive an attunement which activates them on their path towards being a crystal healer. At the completion of this intensive, participants will become eligible for the future level 2 Crystal Healer Certification training.


Friday and Saturday
11-1pm training
1pm-2pm break
2pm-4pm training
4pm-5 break
5pm-7pm training

11am -1pm
1-2pm break
2– 4:30 pm

For any missed classes, recordings are made available

  •  Students receive a workbook pdf as well as a high-quality set of stones and crystals.

Remote students must sign up no later than June 30th in order to receive their stones on time.

Training includes:

Intro to the Crystal Kingdom
Types, formations, classifications
Crystal Properties
Connecting to crystal energy
Clearing and Charging
The 5 Elemental Quartz
Programming stones for yourself and others
Chakras and Crystal Remedies
Symbolic Shapes
Recorders and access
Creating grids for the Earth, home and body
Crystal apprentice attunement and activation

PRISM – Crystals and Color Rays

Name of Class: PRISM – Crystals and Color Rays 6-Week Course

Teacher: Ixté Owul
Prerequisite: Basic Understanding of Crystals
Highly-Recommended: Crystal School: Level 1 Crystal Healing Intensive and Initiation

This course is currently open for registration and begins Feb 10th 2023. Follow this link to register:

Color has a profound effect on how we react to our surroundings. Consider how you feel when it’s raining and cloudy versus a sunny day filled with clear skies. We are affected by both the colors we see and the colors we don’t see. Our eyes alone account for approximately 70% of our total sensory perception, not only of color but also perspective and distance. One of the gifts that comes with living on Earth is being bathed in full spectrum light. In fact, carving out time to spend at least 20 minutes a day with the Sun helps support ideal internal body balance. More specifically, inside our brains are special centers that respond to light – including the pineal and pituitary glands that control the body’s hormonal balance. 

The gifts from color don’t just stop at the physical level. Each color ray has specific intelligences that influence each of us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. With the assistance of the Crystal Devas, sacred geometry, and the spirits that usher in the Rays of Light, we can bridge the gap of understanding and comprehension of these gifts. In this course, students build a relationship with crystals and colors in a different way. Ixte will be leading this course with the help of her spiritual ancestors, the Tuatha De Dannan, to initiate the integration of these frequencies and gifts. This class includes both lectures and meditation. Topics that will be covered and/or experienced include: 


  • Chakra System 
  • Physical Influence 
  • Emotional Influence 
  • Spiritual Influence 
  • Earthly spirit associations 


  • Genetic Makeup 
  • Hardness 
  • Intelligence 
  • Consciousness 

Ixte will close each class with meditation to offer students a hands-on experience of the crystals and color rays. 

How to prepare for the class 

  • Journal 
  • Pen/pencil 
  • Felt cloths –  
  • One Crystal for each Ray from the list provided below 
Week 1 Black & Red Ray Black Ray Options:  Smokey Quartz  Black Tourmaline  Black Obsidian   Red Ray Options:  Red Garnet  Ruby  Red Jasper   
Week 2 Orange & Yellow Ray Orange Ray Options:  Orange Calcite  Amber  Sunstone   Yellow Ray Options:  Citrine  Yellow Jasper  Pyrite   
Week 3 Pink & Green Ray Pink Ray Options:  Rose Quartz  Rose Calcite  Pink Calcite   Green Ray Options:  Emerald  Peridot  Malachite   
Week 4 Blue Ray Blue Ray Options:  Blue Kyanite  Blue Calcite  Lapis Lazuli  
Week 5 Purple Ray Purple Ray Options:  Amethyst  Lepidolite  Purple Fluorite    
Week 6 White Ray and the Prism White Ray Options:  Scolecite  White Howlite   Prism Options:  Rainbow Moonstone  Clear Quartz   Apophyllite