Level I: Alchemy Unveiled
Teacher: William Kiesel
Length: 2 hrs each lecture, 6 hrs total
Prerequisite: Magic Fundamentals Intensive (must complete before taking this course)
This course is recommended for: All students, intermediate and up, as well as anyone interested in the Alchemical Journey to Prague in 2024.

Level I Alchemy Unveiled

This six-part course provides a comprehensive introduction to alchemical principles and practices. As a branch of Hermeticism, Alchemy offers a path of transmutation for the body, spirit and the soul known as the Magnum Opus. Students will receive the keys necessary to open the symbolic art and texts of the alchemical adepts and learn techniques to apply Nature’s Wisdom in their pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone. Mythopoetic teachings and laboratory work are combined to offer a holistic approach to the Royal Art. While some practical laboratory work is presented in the course, no special equipment will be required for its execution. Students familiar with Hermetic Qabalah will find that alchemical wisdom deepens their understanding of the mysteries.

First Session: Introduction to Alchemical Symbolism
Overview of the Alchemical World View
Definition of Alchemy
Three Worlds of Alchemy
Color symbolism in Alchemy

Second Session: The Royal Art
Understanding Alchemical Emblems
Animal Symbolism
The Chymical Wedding

Third Session: Elemental Permutations
Elements in Alchemy
Permutation as a Principle
The Rotation of the Elements

Fourth Session: Stages of the Great Work
Signs and Processes of Transmutation

Fifth Session: Septenary Formulas
Plant Alchemy and Esoteric Ecology
Celestial Bodies and Terrestrial Metals

Sixth Session: The Elixir and the Stone
Hermetic Alchemical Praxis

For those who have completed the required pre-requisite, this course is available and students will receive recordings for any missed sessions:

About the Teacher

William Kiesel has walked the path of esotericism for over 30 years. His practical experience and historical knowledge of occult literature and culture draws from such diverse disciplines as Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Qabalah, Thelema, Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, and Ceremonial Magic. He continues to study esoteric symbol systems in religion, mythology and folklore in historical and contemporary contexts. William is a natural teacher and good orator with the distinct talent of making the enigmas of esoteric symbolism clear to the curious. He is also the director at Ouroboros Press, the publisher of classic texts of Western Esotericism.