Understanding Gemini Season by A.M. Penn

Hi friends! I really wanted to write you a super-deep esoteric piece about Gemini energy – BUT Gemini Season has me exhausted due to the insane amount of communication I’ve been doing since it began (like it’s my job or something, sheesh.) So, anyway, here’s the CliffsNotes version (are those even still a thing?)

Gemini is the energy of mutable air, meaning changeable thought and flexible communication. It is the vibration we need to mutate the season from Spring in to Summer and aligns with the time of life where our own personal season is also changing – from our teens to young adulthood. It is no coincidence we have rites of passage like graduations, and holidays of transitional growth such as Father’s Day, at this time of year.

The choices that need to be made during this life phase of change are a defining characteristic of Gemini energy. For example: Do we leave our hometown? Continue our education? Start working? Start a family? It is a pivotal time defined by a polarity, with a spectrum of options connecting them.

Gemini is capable of quickly traveling anywhere along the spectrum because it is ruled by the fastest actual planet, Mercury, the mythological messenger of the Gods, and as such, the only one who can travel to the underworld, the human realm, AND the heavens. This is a metaphor for our mental ability to connect with the subconscious, waking conscious, and super consciousness (higher knowing). In the tarot this is the skill set of The Magician (Mercury) who has all the tools and perspectives needed to choose where they would like to be along the spectrum and travel there quickly – one of the meanings of the above-head figure-8 pattern in the card.

One first step to embodying the Magician (in real life) is to become consciously aware that there even is a polarity from which to choose. In the tarot we see this in the card corresponding to Gemini, The Lovers, a symbolical depiction of the 1-2-1-2-1-etc. pattern of the figure-8 vibration. A soul (1) splits apart to come to earth as (2) separate beings, as lovers they may join again to make a baby (1) who will someday be reunited with their “soulmate” (2), and the process will continue – the process of creation and separation are inextricably linked.

This is also the pattern of the serpents of the caduceus (the staff of Hermes, the Greek equivalent to Roman Mercury) that shows the rising kundalini energy possible within the body. The twin serpents reminiscent of the zodiacal representative of Gemini, “the twins” and the body parts corresponding to Gemini, the hands and the lungs (of which we have two), and their functioning – either moving through the air, or moving air through them – a polarity that is also a duality.

During the remainder of this Gemini season, my recommendation is to really use this fast-flexible mental energy to take an objective look at the polarities and spectrums at play in your life, and the world around us – and consciously select where you want to align yourself. Like a magnet, the magician can choose their polarity to either repel what is unlike the vibration they wish to welcome, or to attract that with which they are in alignment.
Thank you for reading, and I’m wishing you many blessings now, and always!

A.M. Penn

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