A.M. Penn

A.M. Penn is the 22 Teachings faculty astrologer in the Western tradition, as well as a:

Biddy Tarot Certified Reader
Holy Fire II Reiki Master
Trans-crystal Therapy practitioner
Sekhem Khrem II initiate

A.M. is both student and teacher at the school, instructing two 8-week courses through the lens of Hermetic Qabalah, including:

Astrology School 1: Understanding Astrological Energy

Astrology School 2: Basic Western Astrological Chart Reading & Interpretation 

Utilizing her 20 years of experience as a corporate communications executive, A.M. strives to help make complex subjects easily accessible to the modern mind, while also offering advanced insights for seasoned practitioners. A.M. approaches archetypal studies and metaphysical practice as tools for knowledge, healing, and clarity.

Residing in Los Angeles with her husband and pets, A.M. is a graduate student of Mythological Studies in the depth psychological tradition, and an advocate of Chicano art.

Follow A.M. on Instagram at @tenth_house_sun

Services offered:
Western astrology natal chart readings
Tarot interpretation
Metaphysical training
Energy work
Group lecture

Text (323) 362-2615 to book a private or event service.