Fools Day Weekend 2023

22 Teachings presents our annual holiday FOOLS DAY – A sublime celebration and gift from our teachers to our amazing students.

Fools Day began as a tradition in 2017 with the Arboretum Mysticum Lodge– celebrated not by pranking and practical jokes, in fact quite the opposite – by doing random acts of kindness.

This year, we are going grand – as we extend the festivities to a 3-day weekend and for the first time ever, host a hybrid event with the opportunity to watch online or come in-person to the school. We have gathered all of our faculty and some incredible special guests to offer you a full weekend of teachings, insights, training, ritual, art, sound, and movement. There will be giveaways and many other surprises as well.

There are 6 different ticket types, A-F, ranging from free RSVP tickets to the Key Pass 3-day all access ticket. Please make sure you register appropriately.

For those attending online Saturday, the ticket is free, just RSVP for the “D” ticket.


Time: Apr 1, 2023 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 828 6678 4608
Passcode: AMARA

Sunday there will be a special opportunity for 12 people to be tattooed by Drew Linden, a magician from New York who has drawn elemental designs inspired by our school icons. If you are interested in getting on the waitlist for the tattooing, please send an email to Subject: Tattoo

See the available designs below

We will continue to update this page so please check back for more information.


Fri March 31st
3-6pm Welcome Soiree, Opening Ritual, & Mortlake and Co. Pop up with William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press first look and first pick. (Only available to ticketholders A and B)

6-9pm Mortlake & Co. Pop up open to guest list (Available with Tickets A, B, C, E, and F)

William is renowned for his knowledge of antiquarian and rare occult books, which he sells from his bookstore and gallery in Seattle. His publishing company Ouroboros Press is now in its 21st year, and William has opened his archives to bring a number of out-of print titles, as well as a fantastic selection of rare, archival, and limited edition prints and artworks.

Private showing 3-6PM Friday will have first access to peruse and purchase these treasures.


There are just a few things that we ask in exchange:
1. Please do your best to tune in at the start of a workshop and stay until the end of that particular session (most are about 30 minutes) This is a matter of being respectful to our teachers who are offering their time, energy and wisdom.

2. “Pass it on” by then doing a random act of kindness for someone else.

We will be online from 10am PST until 8pm. Come for an hour or two, or stay all day!

Saturday April 1st

Some teachers will be teaching in-person at the school, and some will be broadcast live and on a large projection screen.

10 AM Opening Ritual with Naha

11 AM Theresa Reed – (Not So) Foolish Decisions.

Tuning in from her headquarters back east, our special guest the Tarot Lady Theresa Reed – speaker, teacher and tarot author extraordinaire shares her favorite spread to use when you are trying to make a choice and want to see the energy around the options.

11:40 Gabriela Herstik – Sacred Medicine of the Rose – A guided Meditation for self-love

12:15 Marcella Kroll Spiritual Fitness for Magical People
5 ways to maintain your peace in a hurried digital age. Exercises through writing and meditation to support you.
Marcella Kroll is an artist, creator, psychic medium and host of the podcast “Saved by the Spell”. Her spiritual guidance provides insight, clarity, and healing on core levels to her clients and students. Through these mediums, she offers others the illumination of their gifts, life purpose, and clarity on what strengths or stumbling blocks may be available for support. With 27 years of experience as an Intuitive tarot reader and teacher of esoteric subjects. Marcella offers readings and teaches classes that bring you back to your magical empowerment. She is also the creator and illustrator of The Dreamers Tarot, The Sacred Symbols Oracle, The Nature-Nurture Oracle, the Roast Iconic Oracle, Cutting the Cord Zine, and the book “PRIESTESS; a magical grimoire”. 

1:10 AMAR “Only you know what truth feels like”
Elemental Dragon Meditation – Bringing in energetic balance through a return to the zero point field. 

2:20 William Kiesel A talk on rare books and bookmaking

3:30 Tessa Pappas Intuitive Healer, Tarot Reader and Astrologist. Divinity’s Co-Creator: The Fool. Insights through Tarot and Astrology to harness the spark within us, as we transition from one astrological year into another

4:20 Isis Indriya Academy of Oracle Arts
Sacred Communication – Writing a Hymn to the Neteru with the Tree of Life

5:05 Wolfe Erikson – Holistic Health Service Design
The Foolish Nervous System: Rituals for Chronic Health Condition Management

Wolfe is a queer and disabled designer creating dignified service and product offerings for people navigating medical systems. As a disabled person, they use a variety of magical rituals to soothe their overactive nervous system. This talk will be a marriage between traditional nervous system management (namely polyvagal theory) and qabalistic understanding of energetic movement. Wolfe will share techniques and rituals they use to keep their energy reserves well above water as a person who experiences chronic health conditions

6  Permission to Transform your life, A Conversation with Marisa de la Peña
The arc of the artist through the journey of Saturn Return, and finding ones way through the changing times. From deck creator to voice for decolonization education to magic maker of medicine pieces.

6:50- 7:30 PM – A.M. Penn – 22 Teachings faculty astrologer presents A Fool For Love: Exploring the upcoming eclipses along the zodiacal axis of Aries and Libra through the Arthurian romance of Parzival.

7:35-8:30 Naha and faculty Rituals and Closing

Sunday April 2nd

10 AM Yoga with 22 Teachings Faculty Yogini Pamela – ANAHATA the Heart Chakra

11:45 – 12:15 Sunday Morning Solar Ritual with Naha

12 PM Tattooing with Drew Linden of the New Moon Studio in Brooklyn (throughout the day)

available designs created by Drew for this event:

Choose one: Fire torch, Water Chalice, Rose Earth Pentagram, Air Dagger, Lamen Rose, School Icon, Fools Hand.

Drew Linden, Intuitive tattooer 

Drew began tattooing in San Diego, then moved to New York in 2011. They have always loved being with people and connecting with them on a deeper level. Shortly after finishing their apprenticeship, Drew their spiritual remembering, and through working with a healing and spiritual community discovered through the Akashic records that this was not my first life time of being a sacred scribe. I was Reiki attuned by, fellow 22 teachings student, Shannon Leigh O’Neill-Loyola in 2018 and finally in 2022 found my way to the doors of the School. I have worked closely with clients during their tattooing journeys to heal, process trauma and celebrate joys in their lives. I have now brought my tarot practice into my career as a better way to connect and offer clarity to clients.  In 2018 i opened my own studio, The New Moon Studio, in Brooklyn with my best friend and business partner Zoë Bean. 

Only 12 spots are available. please email request to to get on the waitlist Subject: Tattoo

1:30 – 2:30 Tarot of the Golden Dawn – the MacGregor Mathers spread with Jessica Chappell bring your tarot deck

3 pm Crystal Woodling – Surrealist Games – Writing the Unconscious Poetry Workshop
Come and excavate some precious gems from the collective unconscious and polish them into glistening poetic talismans.

3:55 – 4:30 Stacy Harris Shamanic Voyage “The Fool meets Hapi”

4:45 -5:25 Nesrin – Healing and Blessing of the Heart

6pm Soundbath of Integration with Natasha Severino of Harmonic Healing Institute

7 pm Dedication Ritual with Naha and William

8 pm Closing Rites