[Video Class] Advanced Tarot 302 “Relationship Readings” with Naha


Advanced Tarot 302 Relationship Readings
3 hrs
Teacher: Naha Armády
Recorded 2022
Prerequisite: Tarot School 9-week Course is suggested but not required

The Advanced tarot series builds upon specific aspects of reading for divination, guidance, meditation, and talismanic work with the the Tarot. Each class will fill you with new techniques, ideas, and wisdom. Students should have a basic understanding of tarot before taking these classes.

While they may be taken individually, the series (301-310) does build on ideas from earlier classes and is intended to be taken in order if possible.


Some of the most intriguing guidance can be gleaned by looking at the relationships between two people, whether romantic, family, friends, coworkers or collaborators.

In this class, you will learn a spread for reading relationships, using a method unique to our school, used to look at the inner and outer workings of a relationship between two people. It also shows what both people need to face or work on to improve the relationship.

In the second half of the class, you will learn a second technique for finding the next step to take in a relationship, using a combination of the Golden Dawn tarot technique and a method created by Naha.

You’ll be surprised how accurate these readings are!

You may use any standard 78 card tarot deck

All participants:

What to have with you?
-your deck and a cloth or scarf to lay them out on.
-a journal and something to write with

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