[Video Class] Advanced Tarot 304 – Court Cards & Personality Types with Naha


Adv. Tarot 304 – Court Cards & Personality Types
3 hr
Teacher: Naha Armády
Recorded 2022
Prerequisite: Tarot School 9-week Course is suggested but not required

The Court Cards are the people in the deck, and they can be some of the most elusive cards to get a full grip on when reading. In this class, Naha will not only help you build a relationship with these cards, you’ll be prompted to recognize them in yourself or others.

While you explore their archetypes, who they represent and how they interact, Naha will share tips and techniques for figuring out who is who in a reading.

You’ll explore the elemental correspondences, and look at relationships you might not have thought of before. Finally, you’ll look at the relationship between the court cards and the 16 personalities of the Myers Briggs system, using a variant from Naha’s research and experience, and a do a personal reading to find some elements to work on in your own life.

Use any deck you wish.

What to have with you?
-your court cards in order, the rest of your deck at hand, and a cloth or scarf to lay them out on
– the handout from the file
-a journal and something to write with

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