[Rec] Arboretum Mysticum: The Lamp of Shem

Arboretum Mysticum “The Lamp of Shem”
Recorded 8.13.23
Officiant: Naha
Length: 2hr
Prerequisite: No experience is required to participate. In time, all of the rituals practiced in the AM Lodge can be learned through the ritual trainings.
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The Arboretum Mysticum is a self-initiatory occult Lodge of Qabalistic High Magic in the Western Mystery Tradition. It is the magical working group of the school, and a place for weekly ritual, prayer, meditation, fellowship, and cultivation of esoteric understanding, philosophical principles and magical wisdom.

The Shem Working of the Lodge since the beginning of 2021 has been an intensive analysis and invocation of the Shem Hamephorash – the 72 Names of God. This has involved a dedication to hold the Lamp of Shem as a light upon individual altars, charging and adding one ray every week. It is now time, at the culmination of the working, on this important day, to turn the light of the Lamp of Shem outward to the world.

• For those on the path of self-initiation in the Hermetic sciences and Magical arts of Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, and Theurgy.
• All paths are welcome at this convergence.

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Minimum price: $4.99