[Rec] Arboretum Mysticum “Double Crowns of Mazalot: Hexad of Pisces”

Arboretum Mysticum: Double Crowns of Mazalot Hexad of Pisces
Recorded November 25th 2023
Officiants: Naha

“The Double Crowns of Mazalot”

A 12-part magical working with the Zodiacal Hexads

Ritual and rites with the Angels of the Zodiac, the associated Shem names, the minor keys, the parts of the body, and inner secrets to be revealed. Talismanic Double Crowns for each hexad designed by William Kiesel to be utilized as ritual tools.

With deeper invocational work in the Interior Temple, this is a working focused less in analysis and more in direct contact with the zodiacal forces.

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The Arboretum Mysticum is a self-initiatory occult Lodge of Qabalistic High Magic in the Western Mystery Tradition. It is the magical working group of the school, and a place for weekly ritual, prayer, meditation, fellowship, and cultivation of esoteric understanding, philosophical principles and magical wisdom.

• For those on the path of self-initiation in the Hermetic sciences and Magical arts of Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, and Theurgy.
• All paths are welcome at this convergence.

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