[Rec] Gifts of Ancient Egypt Past Life Meditation with Marcella Kroll


Gifts of Ancient Egypt Past Life Meditation
Teacher: Marcella Kroll
Recorded 2022

Journey back through time and through the Halls of Amenti to see what Ancient Egypt holds for you. This meditation is for you if you feel a strong pull or connection to Egypt, or feel you have had past lifetimes in Kemet. Through this powerful guided meditation Marcella Kroll will bring you on a journey where you can explore, find understanding, healing, clarity, & solutions to perhaps strong yet unexplainable attachments, phobias, fears, or commitments, & connections to things, people, & places in your present life. With a focus on remembering any gifts and releasing any contracts, vows, commitments, or energetic blocks to your highest and best in your present incarnation.

No experience necessary. Time for rest or re-calibration after the mediation is also highly suggested.

Please bring or have with you:

  • a cushion or yoga mat if you want to sit or lay down
  • a notebook
  • a writing utensil
  • Water in a closed container for yourself