[Video Class] Live from Egypt: Middle Pillar Ritual Sunrise on the Nile


Live from Egypt Middle Pillar Ritual “Sunrise on the Nile”
Teacher: Naha Armády
Recorded Dec 17, 2022

For our final Middle Pillar Ritual of 2022, we broadcast live from the deck of a sailboat on the Nile River, with the student initiates traveling through Egypt. Join the attunement of magical practitioners from all over the world tuning in for this very special event from this sacred land.

Aligning in preparation for the Winter Solstice, Ritual includes traditional Qabalistic opening Temple Rites, Invocation of the 4 elements through movement of the signs and signals through the egregore of 22 Teachings, bringing the elements up through the four worlds, and down through the Middle Pillar. After this warm up movement to engage all aspects of self, the Middle Pillar is activated to drawn light down from the Limitless.

No previous training is required to perform the Middle Pillar. If you have familiarized yourself with the Divine Names, you are welcome to intone them, but if not, you are welcome to simply partake and absorb the resonance of the names.

The Middle Pillar Ritual is a magical operation in the tradition of the Western Hermetic Mysteries, and takes place monthly since 2010.

Based on the teachings of Israel Regardie who first published this ritual in 1938 as practiced by themagical society Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the qabalistic practice known as the Middle Pillar is used to balance the elemental energy centers of the body, and bring all unbalanced states in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms into harmony.