[Video Class] Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Ritual Working with A.M. Penn


Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Ritual Working
Teacher: A.M. Penn
Length: 1.25h
Recorded: May 2021

For this month’s Full Moon ritual, Vanessa asked our resident Sagittarius and Astrologer to take the helm.

This Full Moon ritual working is dedicated to support practices of release, energetic reset, and gratitude. Every Full Moon working is customized to make the most of the celestial energies present at the time of the working. 

The following are required items to have with you for this working: 

Temperance and The Lovers cards from any Tarot deck 

Blank paper 

7 notecards 



Candle of any color 


Teacher Bio:   

A.M. Penn is an astrologer, Biddy Tarot Certified Reader, Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Sekhem-Khrem energy initiate, and a Trans-Crystal Therapy Certified Practitioner. As a corporate communications executive for nearly 20 years, A.M. deeply understands the day-to-day grind of professional life and the very real challenges of the modern world, and she is working to help those who are ready to help heal and better know themselves. 


A.M. is a teacher and student of Qabalah and other mystical modalities and the instructor of the 8-week 22 Teachings course Understanding Astrological Energy. She is available for astrological chart readings, intuitive tarot readings, and energy healings at the academy, or to present or read at lectures or events.  

Follow her free weekly astrological tarot interpretation on Instagram at @tenth_house_sun. 

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