[Hybrid] Apr 11th 7pm The Lantern: Comte St. Germain with William Kiesel


The Lantern: Comte St. Germain
Tue April 11th, 2023
7pm – 8:30pm
Speaker: William Kiesel
Location: Online via Zoom & In-person
Recorded for absentees: Yes

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  • In-person: Doors will open at 6:40pm and the event will begin promptly at 7:00pm.

Tonight’s topic of discussion is Comte St. Germain

Join our most esteemed faculty teacher, occult scholar, author and ceremonial magician William Kiesel for THE LANTERN, where he illuminates the concepts of the Western Mysteries that many may have heard of, repeated or sought but few have true down-to earth understanding of. In this metaphoric opening of the veil, his aim is not to make magic mundane, but to show you its true glimmer when it is lived.

Speaking from his experiences walking the path, his depth of knowledge and wise counsel, William will share stories, propose theories, tell the tales you won’t find in books, introduce you to esoteric figures he has met in his life, and enlighten you on the real side of magic without the mumbo jumbo of fanciful phrases without real meaning.

Presented not as a class but more of a “fireside chat” we invite you to tune in, bring your curiosity, and through the sharing of the Lanterns light, receive real mentorship from mouth to ear.