[Video Class] 2-part course Lucidity in Yetzirah: Astral Techniques With William Kiesel


Lucidity in Yetzirah: Astral Techniques
Teacher: William Kiesel
Length: 2 lectures, 2 hours each
Recorded: January 2022

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The Dream Body is an oneiric vessel through which we are embodied in the dreamworld. It manifests itself in innumerable ways, it is this plasticity of form that we witness in the changing nature of the moon through her phases. Such occult anatomy resembles and manifests in a similar fashion as the Body of Light, or Astral Body. Such considerations resonate in Yesod on the Tree of Life. In this workshop the mechanics of Yetzirah (the world of forms) and the Astral Triangle are discussed and practical exercises for attaining lucidity in dreams and astral journeys will be presented. The results of cultivating this lucidity leads the practitioner into reaching higher states of consciousness as well as maintaining them in the wake world.