[Rec] Meeting Your Spirit Guides with Andrew Martin


Meeting Your Spirit Guides
Teacher: Andrew Martin
Length: 3 hrs
Recorded: October 9th 2021

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Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Are you ready to meet your Spirit Guides? Do you desire a deeper, clearer, connection, with your higher guidance? Are you unsure of how to recognize your higher guidance and how to actively use it in your own life?

Join Andrew Martin as he takes you through the process of consciously connecting with your Spirit Guides. Through meditation, energy work, and practical tools he will help you begin to access your innate guidance, understand your relationship with your guides, and dissolve fears that may be blocking you from the connection you desire.

In this event Andrew will:

• Share his own account of meeting his guides and how he works with them in his professional and personal life

• Lead you through a guided meditation in which you will be able to meet your guides directly

• Teach you how to recognize the difference between the noise of the ego/mind and your high guidance

• Break down the mystery surrounding the concept of spiritual guidance and how to ground it in your life as an every day practice

• Address common fears that most of us have when beginning to consciously work with our guides

• Provide practical steps that you can take to begin cultivating a relationship with your guides today.

This class is a combination of practical tools, intuitive guidance, energy work, and group discussion/Q&A. No pre-requisites are required. All experience levels are welcome. Simply come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to connect with your guidance.

Teacher Bio:

Andrew Martin is a highly attuned Energy Intuitive and Personal Transformation Coach. A series of transcendent and clairaudient experiences beginning in 1995 and climaxing in 2012, left him suddenly awakened and on an accelerated path of expansion and evolution.

His ability to take high level, often abstract spiritual knowledge and make it practical and accessible is bringing revolutionary insight to the world. His entertaining, compassionate, and down to earth approach assists people in unlocking powerful, lasting, change. His work is the catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation.

“What I share does not offer an escape from your experience, instead it gives you permission to be fully present as you are. The tools and guidance I work with are all created with the same intention: To help you remember the truth of who you are, to put you back in the driver’s seat of your own experience, and to support you in creating positive change in your life starting now. It is possible to create a life that feels like paradise. In order to unlock that life you must be authentic and honest with yourself. Your life must be built upon your truth in order for it to be sustainable. Only you know what truth feels like, and I am here to help you uncover it. I insist on your greatness. You are far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. I intend to help you reclaim that power.”

Reach out or connect with Andrew in the following ways:

Email: andrew@thelightedones.com

Website: http://www.andrewmartin.energy

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/andrewmartinenergy