[Online] 4PM Occult Salon & Coffee Hour

Occult Salon & Coffee Hour (formerly Study Hall)
Every other Monday
4-5:30pm PST
Host:  Jenn Salvadori
Location: Online (Zoom)
Recorded: No

The concept of the Occult Salon was popular amongst Rosicrucians, avant-garde artists, musicians and writers in Paris, France in the late 19th century. These gatherings were more than just opportunities for the esoterically-minded to meet and socialize, they also served as forums to share their works, ideas, and artistic and musical compositions with other occultists, especially those works which were not appreciated within the mainstream.

Inspired by this, our students gather 2 times per month for the 22 Teachings Occult Salon hosted by Jenn Salvadori, who provides a welcoming online space for all students to chat, discuss, share questions, talk about trainings and current projects, go deeper into technique exploration, compare notes, and even practice divination.

The Occult Salon reflects the 22 Teachings students reputation for respect, sincerity, dedication, inclusivity, supportive nature and focus on self-betterment. As experience has shown us, Magic is more powerful when done together.

All students of 22 Teachings are welcome to attend.

Please Note:

  • This event is online only. Suggested donation $5
  • Once you check out, download the PDF in the confirmation screen for Zoom information


Suggested price: $5.00