[Video Class] Readers Roundtable XI with Naha & Special Guest Natalie K. “A Tarot Storyteller”


Readers Roundtable
Facilitators: Naha, Natalie Kirby
Recorded Sept 7 2022
Prerequisite: None (Tarot School is suggested but not required, all are welcome)

Tarot Readers Roundtable is an opportunity for Tarot readers and enthusiasts to share, discuss, and ask the experts anything under the umbrella of reading tarot, whether you are navigating a career as a tarot reader, or whether you do it for yourself or for fun for others, here you can ask the questions that never get asked in class. From dealing with tricky clients to connecting to difficult messages, advancing your practice, trying different decks or expanding your intuition, If you are wondering, chances are someone else is too!

You’re sure to walk away with some gems, tips, tricks and a new technique or two, as well as connect to your fellow tarot community.

Come join us at the table with 2 tarot pros, our head of faculty Naha and special guest Natalie Kirby;  practicing occultist, animist, and professional tarot reader under the name “A Tarot Storyteller”. She most recently contributed tarot spreads in the second and third volume of A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads by a Group of Fine Card Readers from Around the World, edited by Coleman Stevenson, creator of the Dark Exact Tarot. As a gemini, In addition to managing a mundane career in the corporate world, Natalie weaves plenty of magic through ritual and awareness, and is the Operations and Marketing Coordinator of the “Every Witch Way Denton” community market in Denton, Texas, where she and her co-coordinators support a magical and spiritual community of small businesses and artists.
Natalie was conceived in superstition and born to Piscean parents; her mother an early 1980s New Ager and Astrologer, and as her mother prophesied, Natalie is becoming more like her as she ages.  She loves anything Tolkien, Carl Gustav Jung, drinking coffee, good people, good music, and her family. And talking. A lot. <3

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