[Video Class] Sigils in Practical Magic with William Kiesel


Sigils in Practical Magic
Teacher: William Kiesel
Length: 2 hours

We welcome back William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press and Mortlake & Co. for the first night 2 lecture classes he is returning for.

During this online event, William will discuss the use of signs, seals and sigils in history and magic as well as explaining practical techniques for their use in magical applications. Sigillic scripts are common in the grimoires and manuals of magic. Learn about magical alphabets, asemic writing and the diverse symbols, signs and signets of practical occultism. Learn the difference between a sigil and a seal, how they are constructed and used. Magic Squares, Cyphers and Letter Magic will also be demonstrated.

William Kiesel has been a practitioner of Hermetic Qabalah for over 30 years, a study he developed from his life-long interest in symbol systems. He is the publisher at Ouroboros Press and the proprietor at Seattle’s esoteric emporium Mortlake and Company. http://www.bookarts.org

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