[Video Class] Soul Purpose Activation with Naha


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Soul Purpose Activation with Naha Armády

This powerful activation is presented by Naha from her Zoom Class on 3/22/20. Please center yourself in a location where you can enjoy this activation without distraction.

There is a crystal programming in this event, so if you have a crystal to program please have it with you. A quartz crystal works best, but if you don’t have one, any rock will do.

Connect to your higher self and soul potential through blockage release, crystal programming, and ceremonial guided meditation.

It’s more important than ever to remember that we are more than just our human bodies, and that we have a greater purpose here on the Earth, especially as activated magical beings.

Take a deep dive into the self through ceremonial esoteric ritual. Access your sacred purpose and understand your own unique light code.

Awaken your dormant gifts and remember why you’re here. Students will program stones to assist in the working and meet their guides in a powerful guided meditation.