[Video Course] The Neteru: Egyptian Cosmology 4-Part Series presented by Isis Indriya


The Neteru: 4-Part Series
Engaging the Sacred through Ancient Egyptian Cosmology
Teacher: Isis Indriya
Prerequisite: None

Note from Naha: This series is being taught by Isis who is the head of our sister school, the Academy of Oracle Arts and who is facilitating our school trip to Egypt with the 22 team. The recommended divinatory tool for this journey is called the Book of Doors and is available through an affiliate link here: https://amzn.to/3biuN9x
This is optional but recommended, and Isis gives some useful suggestions for using this deck in the training.

This course is specifically written for students of 22 Teachings and differs from the course offered at AOA. It is recommended for all students going to Egypt, but anyone is welcome to register.

Egyptian Cosmology is a vast and profoundly rich topic with many schools of thought, varying pathways of discovery, and a world of wisdom teachings that have lasted through the ages.

Embedded in the ancient culture is a devotion and respect for the relations and the spiritual exchange between the human, natural, and divine realms. It was said that the maintenance of these relations supported the harmony of the terrestrial & celestial worlds thus creating a conscious dynamic of co-shaping on behalf of the living and the dead. There is a dedication to tending to the Sacred that the ancient Egyptians cultivated to bring the celestial to the terrestrial, heaven to earth, and a communion that was rooted in the practice of making offerings back to the Sacred, which supported in maintaining right relations with the cycles and spirits of nature.

Stories, myths, and texts say the Ancient Egyptians expressed this in their sacred architecture and their relations with the divine principles of creation. There was an awareness of what was happening in the sky, how that was to be reflected on the earth, and the importance of a ritual way of life to tend to the relations from above and below. Even though Egypt has mystified, inspired, and influenced many cultures and religions all over, this way of life, this way of offering is a technology we are still remembering today.

In this 4 week collective study, we will immerse ourselves in opening the door to this world of mystery and wisdom teachings. We will explore specific temples that held important functions along the life-giving source that is the Nile River. We will commune with the Neteru, the Divine Ones that each temple is devoted to, and we will go on a journey following the trail of some of the initiatic processes that were known to be vital for purification, solar & lunar transmissions, stellar alignments, and offerings which were food that nourished the living life-force of the non-human realms.

Through this exploration we will engage an ancient Egyptian perspective and purpose which was to open up passageways in consciousness, attune us to our divine nature, and to assist us in tapping into our innate abilities so we may consciously co-shape with the natural and divine realms in service to a  Sacred way of Life.