[Video Class] Adv Tarot #5 – Qabalistic Tarot: The Tarot Tableau of the Golden Dawn with Naha


Qabalistic Tarot: The Tarot Tableau of the Golden Dawn
Teacher: Naha Armády
Length: 3hrs
Recorded: June 2020
Prerequisite: Tarot School 9-week Course is suggested but not required

The Tarot Tableau is a method of laying the cards which was practiced in the inner order of the Golden Dawn to discover the secret keys in the Major Arcana. It was later used by Paul Foster Case in his order Builders of the Adytum. Bringing these teachings into the current era, Faculty head and Tarot Master Naha Armády sheds new light on this elegant model with new insights and profound discoveries to assist you in extracting deeper wisdom from the Keys. You will learn the structure of the Tableau, and reading techniques using the Major and Minor arcana.

This is not a beginners Tarot class, it is intended that students already have basic understanding of the tarot.

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