[Video Class]”MEM” Hebrew for Mystics: Zentangle Series with Tami Havton #2


“MEM” Hebrew for Mystics: Zentangle Series #2
Teacher: Tami Havton
Length: 1.5h
Recorded: August 15th, 2021

Purchase the video class for #1 “Aleph” here.

Hebrew for Mystics: Zentangle Series

A unique meditative, creative art experience for creating magical ritual tools.

-Bringing Tarot, Hebrew, and Zentangle together in this unique program to create talismanic altar tiles/card.
-Each tile/card will represent a different Hebrew letter correlating with the Major Arcana of the Tarot and the Tree of Life.
-The first series will focus on the three mother letters inspired by the element of the letter and the color of the element.

In this second event of the series, students will create an altar tile for the letter MEM – corresponding to the 23rd path of the Tree of Life, the element of Water and the Key of the Hanged Man


Zentangle uses 3.5×3.5 inch paper tiles. You can use regular white cardstock if you’d like. You’ll also need a pencil, ink pen (Micron is suggested), a cotton swab, and colored markers.

There is a kit you can order from Amazon that includes all of the Zentangle supplies, except for the colored markers. You’ll need blue markers (brush pens if you have them) for this tile.  Please have 2 different shades of blue, a dark and a light if possible

If you want to purchase the kit, you’ll have enough tiles for the 3 part elemental series. You may take these individually or sign up for all three

Purchase no later than Aug 7 to get in time:
$15.29 includes 5 pens, 5 tiles, pencil, tortillon

Tami Havton is a passionate educator with over 40 years of experience in and out of the classroom as student, teacher, parent, mentor, and coach. With compassion and curiosity, she connects with her students and peers.  With creativity and kindness, she contributes to their journey.
At 22 Teachings, Tami found an opportunity to learn, mentor, and teach.  Gematria, Qabalah, and Tarot – for Tami, the common thread is Hebrew.  Tami is bilingual, English/Hebrew, and lived in Israel for 17 years.  Her insatiable curiosity had her searching for original Hebrew sources and references of Sefer Yetzirah and The Tree of Life.

Tami is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher teaching the Zentangle Method, a meditative art form that uses simple, basic strokes and easy-to-learn, repetitive patterns to create beautiful abstract art. Artists of all levels are welcome. Tami first introduced the Zentangle Method to the 22 Teachings community during our April Fool’s 2021 program.

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