Astrological Tarot Lesson III: Taurus, The Hierophant and Venus

Astrological Tarot Lesson III: Taurus, The Hierophant and Venus
What every good magician needs to know.

Today is a special day for being conscious of the way we are treating our planet and the environment. I don’t know that astrology and alchemy were considered when April 22nd was chosen as Earth Day, founded by a Wisconsin Senator in 1970. But I find it quite perfect timing, and not just because of the number, but for the fact that it falls as Sun has just moved into Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign of the Bull, ruled by Venus. It’s a time for LOVE intentions, earth magic, and attention on the home, (yes, Spring Cleaning) and in the hermetic tradition of recognizing the relationship of the macro and microcosm, the Earth is our big home, isn’t it?

Remember that the full moon falls in the opposite zodiac sign as the sun, and will be of the same mode. So, with the Sun in the Fixed Earth sign Taurus, we find the Full Moon in the Fixed Water sign Scorpio. The fixed signs may be stubborn, but they hold the corners of the starry canopy taught as our chariot traverses across the sky.

  • This is a time of PERSEVERANCE. PROGRESS. CONNECTIONS. PARTNERSHIP. See how each can relate to the realm of Nature, especially for healing.
  • Taurus is enamored with lush and organic esthetics, and embraces natural beauty, art, music, design, and creature comforts.
  • The sign of Taurus marks the zenith of Spring.
  • Taurus the Bull likes consistency and stability. As fixed earth signs they provide support and can be tremendous allies for continued success of endeavors started in Spring.
    They provide the fuel that keeps the temple’s torches burning.

In the Tarot, Taurus is associated with the Hierophant and Venus is associated with the Empress. The Hierophant – “the Revealer of Sacred things” is the 5th card of the Major Arcana. Paul Foster Case calls this key The “Bridge Maker” who provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination.

I call this the card of conviction, for the Hierophant is the person who knows their calling, and by fulfilling it, operates in full faith regarding their purpose on earth. There can be no misconstruing their motivation; any rewards reaped, any titles bestowed are merely consequential, not the motivating factors.

The sign of Taurus as well as the planet Venus associate to the neck and throat. There is a clue here about the connection between the Empress and the Hierophant, and the wisdom which they speak. Consider that the neck is the bridge between the head and the body.

Venus also rules the Air sign Libra. Take a moment to meditate upon this:
The Empress (Venus) rules the Hierophant (Taurus) and Justice (Libra)

Venus (Roman), Aphrodite (Greek), Hathor (Egyptian), Freya (Norse), Oshun (Yoruba)
These are the love goddesses; their rulership provides an affinity for style and a love of beauty. Harmony, balance, charm, inspiration, compassion, nurturing and fertility are aspects of Venus, represented by the Empress: The Earth Mother, the fecund feminine ruling power.

Venus is the planet closest to the Earth, and the one most commonly seen in the night sky, brighter than all other planets and stars.  When viewed through a telescope, Venus actually has moon-like phases, appearing as a crescent as it waxes and wanes. When Galileo saw these Venusian phases in 1610, it provided clear evidence that our solar system was Heliocentric, and not Geocentric (that the planets orbited the Sun and not the Earth). Venus will be visible again in July, until then it is too close to the sun to see.

Venus enters Taurus, like an Empress returning to her Empire. Joining the Sun and Mercury in the sign of the bull, the mood is perfect for Love Magic: Mercury sets the table, The Sun lights the candelabras and Venus pours the wine.

Herbs, Resins and Plants for working Venus magic:  Roses and Rose Essential Oil, Blackberry, Cardamom, Daisy, Geranium, Lilac, Peach, Plum, Mugwort, Thyme,  Violet, Strawberry, Vanilla
Stones and Crystals: Emerald, Green Turquoise, Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Green Calcite, Dioptase, Moss Agate, Tree Agate, Green Jasper.
Metal: Copper
Venus corresponds to Friday and that is the day to do Venusian Magic.

-Robert Wang, The Qabalistic Tarot