The step from key 0 of the Tarot to key 1 may be the largest leap, from the Fool to the Magician.
Only the purest in heart and intent might rise upon the planes.
Raise one hand to the heavens, point the other down to the earth.
The four magical weapons lie on the table before thee.
The Rod, the symbol of thy will, The Cup, symbolic of thy receptive nature,
The Sword, the precision of mind, and the Pentacle, representing the tangible value of The Great Work.
The table beneath; a solid foundation. White lilies and red roses representing thy truth and thy desire respectively growing together. The lemniscate above thy head signifying respect of the free will of others, and the ouroboros about thy waist: infinite introspection and self-renewal. Destroying thyself that thou may re-create thyself.
Purify thyself and ever strive in thy spiritual evolution. Humble thyself and rule thyself. Know thyself and master thyself. Become thy highest self.