Guide to burning Magic Candles: FAQ’s


At my events we use candles often. We light them to ignite our intentions in Middle Pillar Rituals, to amplify our Crystal Grids, and in the latest new series of elemental magic – Candles, Sigils and Magic Squares, you have learned how to anoint and charge them yourselves. Their purpose is multifold:
  • as an offering to Spirit; to our guides and angels
  • to symbolize the Divine Spark, with which we align our will
  • to give us a focal point and remind us of our intention
  • to project and carry our intention and prayers outward through radiant light

Glass pillar prayer candles are designed to be burnt continuously until the wax is gone and they extinguish themselves. Ideally, you do not blow them out; by doing so you are effectively saying the work is over. Instead, keep your candle burning in a fire-proof location. You can place them in a fireplace, a sink or bathtub or anywhere they will not be disturbed. If they are on your altar you can place them on a heatproof coaster or in a small dish of water as a precaution when you are away. Be smart – if you don’t feel good about leaving your candle on when you are away, it is better to snuff it out and relight it when you return than to be worried about it while you are gone. Light a piece of stick incense to relight a candle when the wax gets too low to reach with a match.

The effectiveness of the candle is determined by the strength of your intentions and their alignment with the divine will. Consider this when you ask for things. It is not the candle itself doing the work. The true magic lies in the clarity of your expression and your willingness to accept the responsibilities that come as a result.

As the most animated of the earthly elements, fire often seems to have a life of its own. It can dance, can speak, and can suddenly disappear. The way that a candle burns may indicate the effectiveness of your working or provide additional information. So without further ado:

  • Burns clear – You are clear on your intentions and you are not impeded in your ability to work toward your goals.
  • Burns black – There is much that needs to be cleared in order for you to manifest what you want. Be willing to let go of things in order to make space for the intention to come in. The flame is doing its part to transmute, meet it halfway and clean house!
  • Goes out – Refocus your attention and make sure that you are being clear with what the purpose is. It may take more work on your part to get results – center yourself, reset your intentions and relight.
  • Glass breaks – This can indicate that a major clearing occurred. A blockage that needed to be released was so intense that it shattered on the material plane. Not dissimilar to when a crystal breaks – it took on a lot of energy quickly in order to transmute and release it.
    This can also occur when there is so much energy put into the candle through prayer and intention that it is literally blasted out into the universe. If the candle still appears safe to burn, you can continue burning it, placing it on a white plate.
  • Burns low – Your resources may not be being used in the most efficient way. You may already have everything you need and not realize it. Alternately, you may need to rest and recharge. Fill your energetic gas tanks.
  • Burns high – There is a lot of passion behind your intention, make sure to stay grounded. Make sure that your actions speak as loud as your words.
  • Burns fast – Your window of opportunity many be here now, don’t hesitate, move things along.
  • Burns slow – Be patient, it may take a bit longer for things to play out.
  • Crackles and pops – The Spirit Realm is chatty! Listen for messages and pay attention to signs.

Candles are used ceremonially in diverse traditions, and the knowledge I pass on to you comes from my personal experience, channeled information and the guidance of my teachers from different backgrounds. As I always say, take any guidance and reflect it against your own experience, see what rings true for you and be open to trust your own conclusions. Acknowledge that not every effect has a magical cause; sometimes it is just a draft, a short or long wick or an overly-dressed candle that is affecting the burn.
I would also like to include here that I will never teach nor endorse teachings which in any way serve to work against another person’s free will, to harm or inflict damage, or to work against the natural laws of nature (The Hermetic Principles). Projecting light, healing, tolerance, peace, evolution, and love can transmute and counteract even the darkest of energies. So it is!