Today is an important and powerful day for a magical working.
Face the East and place the following before you upon an altar cloth –
In the Southeast – a candle of your choosing
In the Southwest – A crystal, stone, or living plant
In the Northwest – A vessel for incense or a bell, chime or singing bowl
In the Northeast – A glass of water (charge with Reiki or add holy water)
In the center place an offering – fruit, flowers, whatever feels right
Clear and set your sacred space (perform the LBRP). Use sage or palo santo to smudge yourself and the room.

Recite the following as you light your incense and your candle:

“I call upon my guides, my angels and ancestors – I call upon Maat and Lady Portia, and upon Janus who stands at the turning point between the past and the future. The aspects of the Divine who work with me on the highest levels of 100% pure light; I humbly ask for your presence at this quarterpoint of the year.

As the cycle turns that I too may turn my mind and heart to align with the aspects of beauty, sensation, and conscious orientation. May I put into practical action all of the things which I have learned, both through my studies and my experience, through my mistakes and through my victories. May all of the ways that I have grown in the first half of the zodiacal year be deeply incorporated into the very core of my being, to take root and help me to be a more evolved version of myself. That my growth may continue to unfold and that I may not backslide, and that these things may steep and sink into the cracks of my soul. May I be wise and may I know when to rest, and may I learn to more deeply love and trust, both myself and the universe. That in response I may be loved and trusted, and reflect these aspects to others.
May I lead by example and may I attract into my life those whom I can truly help, and may I be a conduit of light and healing for the earth.
I invoke the root powers of Fire that my will may be aligned with the Divine Will.
I invoke the root powers of Earth that I may be grounded and protected.
I invoke the root powers of Air that I my thoughts and words may be informed by my highest self.
I invoke the root powers of Water that I may be nourished and flexible, compassionate and peaceful.
Ultimately I ask that I be aligned with the natural cycles of the earth where I live, and that I may operate in harmony and balance and gratitude with the earth and its inhabitants.