Taurus Decans

Decans of the Minor Arcana Part 2
What every good magician needs to know.

We enter the 2nd sign of the Zodiac – the Earth sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus.

As we saw last time, each 30 degree sign can be divided into 3 10-degree decans, which each correspond to one of the minor arcana in the Tarot. The suit is determined by the element of the sign, in this case Earth, thus Pentacles. (In some decks, Pentacles are called Discs, Coins, Diamonds, or in this case Pence) but they always correspond to the element of Earth). The number is determined by simply going around the wheel from 2 to 10 repeatedly, corresponding Taurus (The Hierophant) with the 5, 6, and 7 of pentacles.

Each Decan also corresponds to a planetary energy in that sign. We are using the Chaldean method here.

Images from the Thompson-Leng Tarot

April 21st – April 30th = 5 of Pentacles = Mercury in Taurus
It is time to adjust your values. What do you attribute worth to in your life? Is it a thing, a person, a place, a feeling? Reevaluate your focus and find value in a different place than what you are chasing after. See what you may have overlooked right beside you.

May 1st – May 10th = 6 of Pentacles = Moon in Taurus
With balance and altruism, you can now assist those who are truly in need. Recognize appreciation and reward it. You are in the best state of being to use your time, energy and resources wisely.

May 11th – May 20th = 7 of Pentacles = Saturn in Taurus
With your intentions planted and taking root, you can now let them continue to grow to full fruition. Don’t pick the fruit too soon, but don’t let it wither on the vine either. Have patience and prepare for the time of harvest.

Consider what types of intentional workings would be good to do during this time, and during this sign. How can you make the most of these planetary correspondences, or of these decan associations? Each one has a lesson to learn and a message to share. Try placing the card of the decan on your altar for the days that we pass through it, so that you can work on either manifesting that energy, balancing it, transmuting or changing it, or whatever purpose makes the most sense.

“Don’t just do something (a magical working) because a book tells you to, or because a teacher tells you to. Know why you are doing it. Examine the parts of the whole, and see the underlying system”. – Naha