Begin with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or your own form of banishing ritual or opening rites.
Purify and Consecrate the space.

Stand in the East and make the Sign for Air. Take a deep breath.

“I call upon Archangel Raphael, holy healer and guardian of the Dawn.
I call upon the energies of the East, the place of the Rising Sun, of new beginnings and rebirth”
Make the Signal for Air.
“I call upon the Air elementals, and I ask for your assistance in cleansing and purifying my mental body”. Take 3 deep breaths.

Light incense resin, sage or palo santo. With a fan or a feather, guide the smoke up over and around your entire body.

“I ask that you assist me in releasing all mental clutter, fog, and confusion.
I ask that you help me to release all undue worry, stress and anxiety.
I ask that you help me to release speculation and conjecture, and all false premise and false projections.
I ask that you rid me of anything standing in the way of my clarity and truth, and my ability to be seen and heard in my truth.
I ask that you unbind any mental knots and calm any obsessive thinking, that no negative thoughts may bind me and that no negative words may undermine me.
I ask that things may be dispersed and diffused to the Four Winds.”

Take a deep breath in and blow forcefully to each of the Cross Quarters.

Affirm to yourself:
“I release all outdated patterns and thoughtforms that no longer serve me.”

Visualize a veil before you, and perform its rending with the intonation of PAROKETH

“I call upon the Golden Healing Light of Raphael (Tiphareth) to illuminate any areas of shadow, (visualize golden light filling your mind) that it may cast out fear and fear based thinking.
I affirm that I have released all negative, unbalanced, stale, and stagnant energies from my mental body, and I banish these things to the East!”

Trace the banishing Earth pentagram in the East, perform the Sign of the Enterer with a forceful breath, and the Sign of Silence.
Stay in this space of stillness and serenity for contemplation.

When finished, Thank the guides; Archangel Raphael, the Air Elementals and all who assisted your working. Perform the final Qabalistic Cross.
Affirm the that the working is complete.