Indie Tarot Renaissance – an Interview with Sanctuary 3

Haley Houseman, Tarot enthusiast and writer for Sanctuary 3 interviewed me and “The Tarot Lady” Teresa Reed and reader Damon Stang to share our thoughts on why indie tarot decks are becoming so popular.

This well-informed article has plenty of insight into the current Indie tarot boom.

“The indie deck that sits at the helm of this boom is the Wild Unknown, artist Kim Krans’ dreamy, animal focused deck. The Wild Unknown (which has spawned a slew of related products, from calendars to coloring books), resonates with beginners and experienced readers alike, based on its sales and visibility after being picked up by major publisher HarperCollins last year. Krans’ work is representative of the experience Tarot enthusiasts are looking for: a beautiful deck with a connection to tradition, but with a unique approach to imagery. When searching for new decks, enthusiasts are now able to find re-interpretions of the cards that embrace a spectrum of gender, sexuality, and race. Artists often have this in mind as the design, as in the cases of major arcana only Black Power deck, produced in a collaboration between musician King Khan, filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, and designer Micheal Eaton”…   READ ARTICLE HERE