Begin with a banishing ritual, cleansing your space and centering yourself.

Breathwork: The Solar Plexus Breath – or Fire Breath.
Slow and controlled, keeping the rate of intake and exhale steady;
Breathe in for the count of 6,
Hold your breath in for the count of 6,
Exhale for the count of 6.

You can visualize the movement of your breath through the 4th, 5th, and 6th spheres of the Tree of Life.

Beginning in Tiphareth (6), inhaling up the path of the Hermit to Chesed (4), Holding it in across the Path of Strength to Geburah (5), and then exhaling down the path of Justice, back to Tiphareth.

Immediately once your exhale is complete, begin your next breath in.

Both the start and the return are located at the Solar Center of your body.
This breathwork energizes and tones the Etheric body, helps to balance the ego and invigorates your drive and your willpower. Continue this breath for a few minutes as it clears out old meridian memory, old patterns, and transmutes old programs, false dogma, and stagnant beliefs.

This allows for growth, adjustment, and evolution.
With this evolution, you rise ever closer to the Divine, and closer to your Highest self.

This is a time for Alchemy, moderation and preparation.
Allow yourself to examine and take apart the constructs of your life, purifying the parts, and putting them back together in a new, more expansive way.

As you practice this breath, allow yourself to find gratitude for the lessons, challenges, and rewards of the Summer, so that you may fully open to the newness and coming blessings of the Fall.

Once you feel centered and your mind is clear, it is time to call upon your Guides.

“I call upon the highest guidance, that which connects me to my personal potential, highest truth and greatest good. Align me with 100% Divine light that I may be a vessel for Spirit.”

Close your eyes and visualize that you are walking on a path, with the sense that you are approaching the end.
At the end of the path, you see a Golden doorway.

Vibrate the Divine Name of Paroketh:


and visualize that you draw aside a Golden veil from the doorway.
Step through.

Here there is newness, and different light. The tasks and the responsibilities change. The characters shift, and are welcomed.
The old guards are retired.

The burdens of work unfinished is surrendered, and thrown upon a bonfire.
Find acceptance for what was not completed, and let it go.

Say aloud:

“May my conflicts lead me to resolution.
May discomfort lead me to healing.
May that which challenges me make me stronger,
and lead me to my greatest victories.

May I allow change, may I rise and refine.
May balance be achieved.

May I release all which no longer serves me and keeps me from my happiness and truth.

May I harmonize with the Sun and the Moon
and may my inner and outer selves stand side by side.
May I give birth to the stars, illuminate my truth, and be bathed in the silver ray of Wisdom.

May I find guidance from the lips of the Daughter of the Reconcilers,
and may my eyes be opened to the Seven Lights.

May I carry this Wisdom into my inner temple and plant it in the chalice of Understanding.”

Visualize an altar, stand before it and receive Divine instruction.

Sense the magical current flowing all about you and throughout you.

Open your eyes.

Before you, there is a plane of glass.

It can be both a mirror, and a window.

It is a place to pause, and a place to rest. But the rest is not with eyes closed, and the pause is not distractive. It is fiery and proactive. There is planning here. And healing.

Finish your contemplation, which you will journal once you are finished.

“I thank the guides, the guardians and all who have assisted in this working, and I bow humbly before thee”

Perform a banishing ritual and take 3 final deep breaths.
Declare the circle closed and the working complete.

“SO IT IS!!!”