Primrose Organics Apothecary is a Botanical council in Portland, Oregon, offering customized herbal and aromatic remedies supporting individual health and wellness.

Proprietor and Herbal Alchemist Felicia Howe sat down with 22 Teachings Crystal Healer and Reader Vanessa Baltodano to share insight about her creations, her alchemical process and magical inspiration:

VB: What is the inspiration behind your anointing alchemy botanical oil blend line? 

FH: The inspiration came from my clients as well as for myself since I’m always my case study [laughs]. I noticed a theme with my client over the years and decided to explore a series of oils blends that could support the general public coming into my apothecary or online. But my real passion is to make remedies that support practitioners and giving healing council. 

VB: What are the most essential aspects that go into your work? 

FB: The three most essential aspects that go behind making each blend are 1.) Energetic quality using the elements and spiritual folklore 2.) Medical astrology and alchemy of the mind and body connections based on planetary energies. And 3.) Chemistry, neuroscience and pharmacology aromatherapy. And of course, love.  

VB: I hear that you grow and forage your own plants. Can you tell us more about that practice?

FH: I do! When I forage, I’m very mindful and only take small batches of the flowers I use to make my essence, and I try to go way up in the mountains away from humans. Growing my own plants is less invasive to nature. I also work with local companies and the community to get what I don’t have in my garden. 

VB: At 22 Teachings we carry 4 of your botanical oil blends: Protection, Higher Self, Mindfulness, & Divine Love. Which one is your favorite?

FH: I love all my oils of course! But the one I connect with the most is the Protection Blend. As an empath, it helps strengthen my boundaries and gives me an opportunity to be in service and open without taking on too much energy. It also serves as a wonderful antibacterial anointing for when I’m traveling for work, and it also helps keep the critters like ticks and what not off me when I’m in the forest. The protection blend was inspired by my most sensitive clients and has been a game changer for me! 

VB: What is next for Primrose Apothecary?! 

FH: I’m working on writing a book that will accompany an oracle creating tools and insight for folks. I’m going to be taking clients and case studies in a wellness naturopathic center come late September as well as offer meditation and workshops. I’m hoping to continue to bridge the world of health, wellness, occult and science, bringing alchemy into people’s lives for mind and body transformation.  I also still work as a stylist and create organic hair care products. I’ll continue to do that as it gives me a chance to help people feel better about themselves, building self-esteem and offering healthy alternatives.

Primrose Organics products are carried in the Magician’s Mercantile at 22 Teachings, both the line of Flower Essences as well as her incredible botanical oil blends, which are used on the body for anointing, aromatherapy, and the many benefits of EO use. Call 323-362-2615 for a personalized shopping experience or to order by phone.

Felicia also visits LA periodically in collaboration with 22 Teachings for workshops and intuitive customized blends. Email us at to be notified for her next event.