I’m really grateful for everyone who participated in “Metaphysical Poetry.” From the jump they approached class ideas with open attitudes, practiced deep empathy when discussing the reading material, and invested themselves fully in the writing exercises. Each week we explored the possibility of poetry writing as a way to deepen our spiritual practices, and discussed using poetic techniques not just to be skilled writers making well-crafted poems but to become better versions of ourselves. Writing became a safe space to make conscious decisions with the intention to be on the page who we strive to be in our lives. We worked from the understanding that words are spells and writing is magic, that what we think and say becomes real, and the poems turned into prayers to our higher selves.

        As we got further into the class, we became more willing to really put ourselves out on the line in the writing, exploring our shadows and writing about darker life experiences. By channeling our shadows in the work, we consciously released it in a healthy way, creating an opportunity for deeper self-understanding and healing negative patterns. The vulnerability everyone showed took courage, and worked to make the class a safe space where we could share and be seen and heard. The writing made positive shifts in us, sparking deeper confidence in our ability to take an active role in our growth, so that we could stand more in our power, authenticity and strength. We made poetry an empowering tool of transformation, and I couldn’t be more proud of us!

Here’s a poem we wrote through an exquisite corpse exercise on the last day of class.

Dark night, waiting to strike, the temperature drops
in my blood, revolution of moonbeams collapsing
illusion, tiny universes in a flower
called Hyacinth, we were one, I remember wanting

him to give me what I need, now we walk
the earth as empaths–healing the all, everything,
shadow groves where dogs bark at us sticky kids,
heartbroken, alone, together,

like a glass hummingbird fallen,
a man yells, a woman screams, click,
click, aeons gone, softening and opening,
my tongue could write

a queer feeling, a powerful death,
would I ever make it out, someone praying for me,
fine tuning my damage, how am I supposed
to love,  how am I supposed to love.

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