Next virtual shopping day in the Magician’s Mercantile 5/6/20

Thank you so much to all who have been joining in to our virtual shopping days at the school’s Magician’s Mercantile. We are so grateful for you! We are offering drop box pick up in Los Angeles, shipping, and next-day drop-off delivery options.

You may join us for our next virtual shopping day (on Zoom) Weds May 6th from 12-3pm. Please send an email to for the invite link. If you know specifically what you are looking for or what intention you are working with, that will be helpful so that we can guide you towards the tools that will be the most useful.

We stock:

  • Many books and recommendations by all of our staff on Tarot, Crystals and Stones, Qabalah, Hermetics, Dreams, Astrology, Magical origins and much more.
  • Tarot and Oracle Decks, Runes and Pendulums
  • Incredible selection of crystals and healing stones all hand selected and charged by our staff and we have the knowledge to help you find what you need
  • Incense specializing in Japanese, Tibetan, and Indian high-quality blends, sticks and cones as well as burners and ceramics
  • Oils for both wearing on the skin and for dressing candles and other magical purposes
  • Essential oil sprays for room clearing and energy shifting
  • Magical intention baths and infused body butters
  • Flower Essences (to be ingested) and teas
  • Sacred sage from Mt Shasta (free-leaf for burning)
  • Burning bowls, cauldrons, lamps, tongs and censers
  • Resin incense blends and our own line of pure imported resins, bamboo charcoal and ceremonial ash for ritual use
  • Journals and totebags
  • Statuary and Reliquary – consecrated items for your altar prepared on the new and full moon by Naha and Staff
  • Wands and Pentacles
  • Intention Candles and 7-day Pillar candles
  • Specialty apothecary of alchemical goods
  • Bells, chimes, feathers and ceremonial fans

Payments are taken through PayPal or by card over the phone.

Happy shopping!