Ritual Keys for the AM Lodge 5.23.20

Chart of the Day 5.23.20

New Moon Stellium in Gemini


Convergence of the 4 spheres of Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all transiting Gemini

convergence of the spheres

The intersecting paths of these spheres


Before us Shemesh

Behind us Levanah

On our right hand Nogah

On our left hand Kokav

Within us Teomim

Above us Ehieh

Below us HA Aretz

Throughout us Adon Kokal

May all polarities be balanced within our beings, frames and presence. May we serve as a balancing presence to right external imbalance. Where we tred and where we focus, may chaos tend towards order (hod – Elohim tzavaoth), may fear tend towards faith (yesod El Shaddai), may apathy tend towards consideration (Netzach IHVH Tzavaoth), and may ignorance tend toward awakening (Tiphareth IHVH ELOAH VE DAATH).

temperance and the tower-01

Invocation of the Macrocosmic Temple through numerology and keys

Cards of the day 5.23.20-01

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Oh Great Sovereign Spirit of Supernal Wisdom and Omniscient Understanding, enlightened may we be by Experience and Knowledge of Thine Existence.

Thanks be for Mercifully tempered Might.

Blessed be for the Beauty of Achieving Glory by Establishing our Foundations as living entities within Thine everlasting Kingdom.

May the Divine Light be drawn down from the highest and forth from the Ages. As guardians of the lamp of wisdom may it be tended to and kept ever burning