Free AM Lodge Download “Strength and the Letter Tet”

The Arboretum Mysticum or AM Lodge is a weekly convergence in Qabalistic High Magic. Through ceremonial ritual, invocation, and working with the branches of the Tree of Life and the hermetic sciences of alchemy, astrology, tarot, and theurgy, the AM Lodge is a magical working group of serious practitioners following the path of the Western Mystery Tradition.

This tradition and Divine Spark has been passed down through the lineage of the ancient Mystery Schools, kept alive in the practices of Qabalists and occultists across the ages, revitalized by the Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn – the intitiators of Paul Foster Case, through three more generations of initiates to Naha who leads the group and delivers the teachings each week, as guided by Inner contacts.

The magical works done by the AM Lodge tend to be larger series, cumulative magical workings that create powerful shifts in the lives of the arborists who perform them. Our current series is a working through the netivot, the connective paths of the Tree of Life: Their letters and Keys. Each one assigned to a Hebrew Letter, and a card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

We are happy to share this most recent Lodge convergence with you here:

4/3/2021 – “Key 8, Strength and the Letter Tet” (Free Download)