Message from Naha & FAQ

To our students, clients and friends, I hope you are well. There has been a lot of growth at the school already this year, both in new students as well as new trainings and courses which we are offering. I wanted to take this moment to reach out since we are having some frequently asked questions:

Can you explain the prerequisites?
You will find that our courses have prerequisites, which may be the Magic Fundamentals Intensive, or in the case of Level II courses like Astrology or Hermetic Qabalah, you need to have completed Level 1.  LBRP is also prerequisite for higher level training. Please pay attention when you are signing up, any prerequisites will be listed and linked.

If you are not sure whether you have completed a prerequisite, you are welcome to email us and we can look up your records.

Sometimes, people register with different names and things don’t get properly recorded so please do your best to be consistent when registering, or leave a comment at check out if it is for a different person than the purchaser.

Magic Fundamentals, LBRP, and Hermetic Qabalah Level I are all available as recordings, to get you qualified for further training.

What if I learned the Prerequisite on my own/from another teacher etc.?
We understand that you may already have a practice, experience or education. However, what is passed down in a mystery school is an energetic link, to the lineage of the teacher. This is why all students must go through the levels.

22 Teachings teaches and practices a unique Magical System which is built upon the Western Mystery Tradition and owes much to the work of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but which contains its own practices, rituals, and signs in addition to the traditional ones. We are striving to ever evolve this living tradition.

I’m not sure where to start or what to study next?
Our staff is here to help you and you are welcome to reach out with an email. You can also book a session with any of our staff as a reading or consultation to help determine the best next steps on your path.

Can I get the recording of a class I attended?
Most of our classes are recorded and if you send an email, you can request the recording of a class you signed up for. The recordings are sent automatically to absentees, except for the Lodge. The AM Lodge recordings are available for purchase for $4.99. If you are absent from the Arboretum Mysticum and you donated a minimum of that amount at the time you signed up, then you may email and request the recording, you don’t have to buy it again.

What are the AM Lodge prerequisites?
Only to be a sincere seeker and participate. You can jump in at any time, it doesn’t matter where we are at in a series. That being said, we are very early on in a series now, it is a perfect time to start.

Please sent all requests to

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance!