[Hybrid] Sat Dec 30th AM Lodge Egyptian Initiations “Powers of the Sphinx: Initiation of the Sacred”

Arboretum Mysticum: 2023 Egyptian Initiations – Powers of the Sphinx: Initiation of the Sacred
Saturday December 30 2023 11am PST
Officiants: Naha
Location: In-person & Online via Zoom
Prerequisite: None
Recorded for absentees: YES, minimum donation $5 will receive the recording within 24hrs of the event.

1 year ago December, 40 students and faculty of 22 Teachings traveled through the magical land of Khemet on an Egyptian Initiation voyage. Along the way in ancient temples, before the altars of the Neteru, 5 initiatory activations were performed by each participant. Now on the 1 year anniversary, we will bring these initiations forward again, honor the ancient altar flames, and the names of Ausir and Aset, Sekhmet and Ptah, Aten-Ra, Habi, Dejuti and Ma’at, Heru and Hator.

These 5 initiations will activate the powers of the Sphinx, crucial qualities of the magician’s lineage: To Dare, To Will, To Know, To Keep Silent, and the 5th occult power, To Make Sacred.

They will be performed in the Elemental Order – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, on each of the 5 Saturdays in December.

Note: You are signing up for the “Initiation of the Sacred.” A Dedication Pass option is available to register for the entirety of the working.

The Arboretum Mysticum is a self-initiatory occult Lodge of Qabalistic High Magic in the Western Mystery Tradition. It is the magical working group of the school, and a place for weekly ritual, prayer, meditation, fellowship, and cultivation of esoteric understanding, philosophical principles and magical wisdom.

• For those on the path of self-initiation in the Hermetic sciences and Magical arts of Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology, Alchemy, and Theurgy.
• All paths are welcome at this convergence.

In-person attendance:
Doors open at 10:30, we will begin at 11 so please already be checked in and seated by that time, we aim not to interrupt the group for late comers.

Please bring a journal and pen, and if you would like to bring an offering for the altar, we recommend something that grows on trees (fruits or nuts are always good options and can be shared afterwards during our fellowship period following the Lodge)

Suggested price: $15.00