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      Anything you are having difficulty understanding that we have already covered in class? Discuss here

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      Kalinda Vazquez

      Are there any major arcana cards that anyone else is still struggling with? For me I feel like the ones I am working on getting a deeper understanding of are: The Hermit (I feel like I know what he generally represents — he is the scholar of esoteric knowledge who has climbed the mountain, who has done the work and made it to the summit. He leaves the light on for others who will come after him, his knowledge and enlightenment illuminating the path. But when I pull the card for myself, I am not sure what the practical implications in my life might be. Right now the card feels very intellectual (and I love everything it is saying) but I am still working on that emotional connection with the card.

      The other one is the Wheel of Fortune. It also feels so full of symbolism and different traditions, and on a basic level I understand that a wheel is circular, that is goes around and around, that it is a cycle and connected to Karma. But I’m also not sure what it could mean for me when I pull it for myself, especially since in class Naha spoke about it as being a positive card generally. For some reason I see the wheel and I think — oh no repetition, which I have a negative association with.

      Are there majors anyone else is ruminating over?

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