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      Hi everyone, in this thread, introduce yourself, and lets do this, 3 favorite cards:
      Here are mine (this changes constantly)
      1. 4 of swords
      2. Hermit (always)
      3. Queen of Cups (shes always challenging to me but I’m trying to embrace her)

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      Jenn Salvadori

      Hi, Jenn here. Libra sun and moon, Scorpio rising. I run a concert venue. My dog is the love of my life and sometimes joins me in class. I’m also a roller dancer, singer, lindy hopper, and below average guitar player (haha). Covid did a number on me and the Universe answered in true Universal nature with a big swift kick towards the metaphysical. May Day 2021 (not that long ago) was my first course with 22 teachings and I’ve been all-in since. <3

      Three Favorite Cards (currently):
      1) 9 of Pentacles
      2) The Sun
      3) Queen of Wands

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      Kalinda Vazquez

      Hello fellow classmates!
      My name is Kalinda and I consider myself a true novice to the Tarot. It is something that has always fascinated me but only in the last couple years did I begin to get readings — though I’ve never done them for myself or others. I am really loving this class and it is an honor to be studying alongside all of you.

      My favorite cards right now are:
      2) Five of Pentacles
      3) Nine of Swords

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      Hey, I’m Hillary. I’ve been practicing Ceremonial Magic since May of 2019 or for 2.5 years now. I had never heard of ceremonial magic before that, but was always seeking and experimented
      with all kinds of different philosophies. One day I heard someone mention the Order of the Golden Dawn which immediately sparked my interest and soon after started working with the Middle Pillar, and now here we are.

      As far as the Tarot goes I’m in the infantile stages of my knowledge, and accredit everything I have learned to Naha and the school. Prior to this my knowledge of Tarot was that it existed, and I had no real interest in it until I learned earlier this year that it was actually a map of the path and directly related to the system of magic.

      I love working with this school, all the Magi here, and attending AM Lodge (which really set a foundation for my understanding of Tarot). I’ve made more progress this year than I thought possible, thanks to Naha and the outstanding coursework, classes and ritual trainings she offers at the school.

      I’m a builder by trade. I have a small 5 pound dog who takes care of me. I enjoy lifting weights and snowboarding with my friends when I’m not working or studying, and am happy as long as I have good music wherever I go.

      My favorite cards at the moment:

      1. The Magician
      2. The Chariot
      3. The Star

      I’m still confused about the minors but today’s class was a big step in the right direction 😂🙏🏼

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      Judy Ermitano

      Hi fellow Seekers. I’m happy to be in this community.
      I’m new in Tarot and learning a lot! My favorite cards at the moment are:
      1.) The Fool
      2.) The Magician
      3.) The Hermit
      Yes, all Majors! 🙂

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      Hi ya’ll. I’ve been intuiting my way into a magical practice over the last several years since I started transitioning. The tarot has been a guide for me through the whole process so deepening my relationship with the cards has me very excited. I’m so happy to be partaking on this journey with everybody here, it feels very right C:

      Beyond magick, I also practice reiki, ceramics/pottery, illustration, tattooing, vr/game/world design, and partake in some other trades 😉 and am loving the process of integrating these all together. I’ve been starting to think of myself more and more as a vessel-worker, but I’m still refining that title if I ever take one.

      My Favorite cards are currently:
      the moon
      the high priestess
      the ace of cups

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      Adam Smith

      Hi Everybody,
      My name is Adam. Im a Leo sun, Scorpio moon, and Virgo rising. I live in South Carolina. Im a professional tattoo artist specializing in blackwork. I love creating art that uses sacred geometry in it. I am a hobbyist photographer. I have two cats that mean the world to me. That pretty much sums up my whole life, other than taking course online haha.

      My 3 favorite cards are:
      1. The Hermit
      2. The Devil
      3. The Hanged Man

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        Hey Adam, I like your tattoo work. Some really nice designs.

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          Adam Smith

          Hi Hillary, Thank you very much. Love the energy in your workout videos. I need to find the time to get out and do little more exercising myself.

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      Jen Barrios

      Hello beautiful magi! My name is Jen. I live in Portland. I moved to Portland earlier this year from Los Angeles. I started officially practicing ceremonial magic back in 2019. My first event was Middle Pillar right after the school opened. I’m so happy I found Naha and 22 Teachings. They have helped me so much on my spiritual and mental health journey.

      I’m a Scorpio sun, Capricorn Moon, and Virgo Rising. I’ve been interested in the tarot for at least a decade now, but I have never studied the cards in depth as I am now, and I’m so excited to learn more. I want to use the cards in my day to day meditation to understand myself and the world around me better.

      My 3 favorite cards are:
      1. Death
      2. The Star
      3. The Moon

      My favorite card from the Minor Arcana is the Ace of Wands. I might discover new favorites as we study more about the Minor Arcana!

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      Madison N

      Hello and good morning everyone!

      My name is Madison and I’m a Los Angeles native currently living in Palos Verdes in a big house + analog music studio with friends and family! I work from home full time as a web designer & developer, typically with my dog and cat in tow (Mars and Persy, short for Perseus, respectively).

      I received my first tarot deck from my mother at a young age. I still have it–it’s based on the Egyptian pantheon–which is a delicious fact now that I find myself studying Hermetic Qabalah.

      The Major Arcana I’m currently vibing with are…
      1. The Tower
      2. The High Priestess
      3. The Empress

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      Hi everyone – completely forgot about the forums here!
      I’m Sab, I’ve been going to the Lodge since…. April 2020, I think? But had stumbled upon Naha’s tarot videos a year or so before that!
      I’m a musician, I live in Canada and I love Tarot so much and so happy to keep learning about it
      3 faves:
      1) Hermit
      2) High Priestess
      3) 8 of swords


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      Hi all!

      My name is Hilary. I’m a still photographer for the film industry and live in Los Angeles, originally from Louisiana. I live with a rescued street cat named Blanche, and we recently moved to a new part of town in what was a rather hectic “Tower” of a month.

      I’ve always possessed a strong interest in tarot, as well as other occult topics, but felt drawn to explore in more depth and “proper” study in the past few years. I really enjoyed our course and hope to participate in more A.M. Lodge and 22 Teachings workings and classes. I’d love to connect with Los Angeles classmates as well!

      Current fave cards are:
      8 of Cups
      2 of Pentacles

      I thought I’d share a kind of funny example of “literal meaning” I just experienced. Yesterday I pulled a single card with the intention of turning it over at the end of the day. When the mail arrived it included a Jury Duty summons, and when I turned over my card later that evening it was the Justice card! Lol.

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