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      Hi everyone, since the forum topic was getting lengthy, we are starting a new thread for the next 6 names, which are
      Aleph Kaph Aleph
      Kaph Heh Tav
      Heh Zayin Yod
      Aleph Lamed Dalet
      Lamed Aleph Vav
      Heh Heh Ayin

      They will correspond to the 5, 6, and 7 of pentacles. Mercury, Luna, and Saturn in Taurus respectively
      For Taurus – Key V Hierophant, Color Red Orange. Permutation YHHV Angel Yasmodel
      Please feel free to share your experience, projects, questions and insights for these 6 names on this thread

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      I had known about Lintels from Art History classes. Lintels were ornately decorated to draw attention & eyes upwards toward the divine (if one was entering a temple or house of worship.) Some lintels were set lower or made deep so petitioners had to physically duck under and be humbled for entry.

      If it was affordable or accessible, families would place prayers, wards, or their family crests/mottoes/family Gods on the entry lintels. Guests to the home would take notice upon entry and/or exit.

      I also thought about the old practice of a groom carrying the bride across/through the threshold.

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        Robin Blanchard

        Yes! Old poetry for me and lore And archeological stuff. They were always digging up lintels. 🙂

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      Robin Blanchard

      Had fun in IT today The camel’s and my feathered guide were rowdy and kind of did a jostling bump on me just as we entered. Then they flew as a black bird around the temple and swung the lamp chain about shining light throughout. And as we were struck by the rays we became beautiful. Like a vision. Which is funny since it’s a vision of a vision. But my temple started as a bare rock dirt cave so…… Thaddeus I met decades ago. He said ” but we’ve known each other before”. But he did not tell me he was known as Jude. A stonemason. He did not want to work with metal ( unhewn). The patron saint of lost causes. Faith.

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      Thank you Juli and Robin for sharing here! It’s interesting to have these through lines with stone (hewn and unhewn), architecture, lintel, continuing into this series. Is the mud drying out? We can walk forward without the sucking noise at our feet?
      Makes sense for the names of Fixed Earth.

      Excited to see where this is going.

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      I just wanted to share a little bit of what it has been like to translate the psalms these past few weeks and make a note about my thoughts.
      As I shared in the lodge, i believe the sum of all verses makes up for a composition, a 72 verse song that speaks of God’s attributes and our relationship to him.

      So far what we have recieved is “mirrored” verses, two that speak of different sides of the same concept…love,faith…I believe we are on our way to find something symmetric and beautiful as a whole…and that this is meant to be a symphony.

      As for the translations, I’ve had two main rules: to stay as close as possible to the original latin and to look for the usages of the words in different contexts.
      Semantics becomes very important for this exercise, as the interpretations may divert greatly from the official ones.

      I highly recommend reading the entire psalms weekly, as I’ve found them to be truly powerful and effective.

      Lastly, I want to thank everyone that has reached out to me during the process, your experiences are invaluable to me. Thank you!

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      Robin Blanchard


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        Wow, never seen anything like it!!

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      I’ve ordered supplies to put the sigils on my tarot cards, I’m going to try to do this in gold leaf.
      It will be trial and error because I’ve never done something like this before but here’s my plan.
      Supplies ordered: indentation tools, gold foil (2 types) adhesive, superfine paintbrushes
      I can put the vellum stencils over the cards and trace them with the indention tools to mark them on the cards, then paint them w adhesive and tiny brush then apply the gold leaf. I got one kind where you rub it on like a transfer, the other where you brush the loose away that’s used on art and gilding. So we will see if I can figure it out. I’m also thinking of adding the names too.
      If this works well I may add all of the yetziratic symbols to the majors …

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