[Online] Thu Beginning Dec 7 Greek For Mystics: 6-Week Course with Manu Casanueva


Greek For Mystics: 6-Week Course
Teacher: Manuel Casanueva
Thursdays from December 7th – January 18th
No class Jan 4th
6-7:30 PM, length varies
Classes are prerecorded and hosted by Naha.
Final class will be live with Manu at 22 Teachings in LA
Prerequisite: None

One of the magical languages of the Western Mystery Tradition, embedded in the roots of our teachings, is the language of ancient Greece. This is the language of the Greek Gods, and the Ptolomeic Greco-Egyptians. 22 Teachings is proud to present this brand new course Greek for Mystics taught by scholar Manuel Casanueva

Greek for Mystics presents an academic exploration of the Greek alphabet, classic pronunciation techniques, and the mystical context of the language. By the end of the course, students will engage with the hymn to Athena, and through this, will explore insights into the philosophical dimensions of ancient Greek civilization. 

This course holds a particular focus on the analysis of an Orphic hymn, a vital component of the Hellenistic mystical tradition. By carefully studying the hymn to Athena, students will connect language learning with the symbolic and philosophical underpinnings that were deeply embedded in ancient Greek thought. The exploration of this specific hymn allows for a unique synthesis of linguistic skill and metaphysical understanding, illuminating the interconnectedness of language and spirituality within Hellenistic civilization. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Greek Alphabet: Understand the letters, diacritics, and writing methods. 
  • Develop Pronunciation Skills: Acquire classical techniques to pronounce Greek words. 
  • Interpret Ancient Greek Texts: Analyze and appreciate mystical elements within the hymn to Athena. 

Please Note:

  • We take off the week of January 4th.
  • Week 6 class on January 18th will be both in-person at the school and online via Zoom.
  • Payment of $132 grants you access to all 6 classes, zoom link is the same each week.
  • Download PDF with Zoom link from confirmation screen at checkout.

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to the Greek Alphabet 
  • Comprehensive overview of the Greek alphabet’s structure and function. 
  • Exercises for hands-on familiarization with letters and diacritics. 
  • Pronunciation and Basic Phrases 
  • Methodological approach to authentic pronunciation using classical techniques. 
  • Practical exercises for translation and reading comprehension of simple phrases. 
  • Exploration of the Hymn to Athena 
  • Analyzing Selected Extracts of the Hymn: Engage in a detailed examination of specific fragments, illuminating their historical and cultural context. 
  • Recitation Practice: Learn to recite the chosen extracts using correct intonation, rhythm, and pronunciation, embracing the vocal tradition of ancient Greek literature. 

This course is pre-recorded and taught by Manuel Casanueva. The live Zoom events will be hosted by Naha Armady.

Manuel is a philosopher, linguist, and university teacher with a passion for ancient languages. He has been a student of 22 Teachings for over three years. Manuel believes in the power of language to unlock divine connections, guiding others to deeper understanding and spiritual discovery.