[Video Class] Magicians Roundtable with Naha


Magicians Roundtable – a Q & A
Teacher: Naha 
Length: 1.5h
Recorded: June 26th, 2021

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Meeting monthly, Magicians Readers Roundtable is an opportunity for Hermetic Qabalah students and Lodge members to share and discuss under the mentorship of Naha Armady.  This discussion group is meant to be an open forum for any questions and insights that may have arisen during practice of the rituals, techniques and workings taught in courses and classes.

At this roundtable, Naha opened the discussion about The Rite of the Six-Rayed Star Ritual Training, the recent series of the AM Lodge (The Netivot, Letters and Keys: The Mystical Alephbet and Major Arcana, a 22-part working), Invocation of the Keys, and any other topics around magical practice.