[Video Class] Under the Blue Rose: a 2-part Presentation on the Occult Themes of David Lynch with William Kiesel


Under the Blue Rose: a 2-part Presentation on the Occult Themes of David Lynch with William Kiesel
Teacher: William Kiesel
Length: 2 hrs each lecture
Recorded: March 2021

The Fireman tells Agent Cooper, “Remember 430.” This is only one among many mysteries presented in the work of filmmaker, painter, beloved demiurge David Lynch. Sometimes, answers become explicitly clear over time, but more often than not, the mysteries pile on and remain inscrutable. The occult nature Lynch’s work serves as the basis for a two-part lecture presented by William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press. 

The surreal and abstract nature of David Lynch’s film and television output–owing to an often complete disregard of standard narrative conventions of structure and exposition–can prove baffling even to the initiated. Lynch is famous for refusing to explain his work and is an esoteric practitioner in his own right. His meditation practice clearly informs the dense symbology and esoteric narrative opacity he presents across works including Mulholland Drive, all three seasons of Twin Peaks and other films.  

William will offer insights of value and interest to students at 22 Teachings on how to view Lynch’s art through a Qabalistic lens, using hermetic thought as the basis of inquiry. From there, he will give examples spanning seemingly unrelated works, tying everything into a bow under a blue rose. 

This two-part lecture will include spoilers for the work of David Lynch. In order to get the most out of the course, please prepare by having seen Twin Peaks seasons 1, 2 and 3 (“The Return,”), the Twin Peaks film (“Fire Walk With Me”) and Mulholland Drive. Also helpful to watch are: Lost Highway and Inland Empire. 

William Kiesel has been a practitioner of Hermetic Qabalah for over 30 years, a study he developed from his life-long interest in symbol systems. He is the publisher at Ouroboros Press and the proprietor at Seattle’s esoteric emporium Mortlake and Company. http://www.bookarts.org

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