Circulating the Light Ritual – a Middle Pillar Breath-work and Visualization


a Middle Pillar Breath-work and Visualization

All things which are intended to have an effect, whether a story, a song, a journey, a healing or a magical ritual, are most effective when they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. (An end of course which leads to the next beginning).
I believe the most effective healing ritual whether done on the body or on a space or situation is one which has these three aspects:
1. Clearing/banishing
2. Invoking Light
3. Sealing

Don’t forget to do this last important step. You can do this breath-work or visualization after a Middle Pillar Meditation and invoking light into the body, or after any chakra balancing or centering meditation. You can do it after lighting a candle, smudging your home, or sending light to a person in need. You can also use it around a magical tool, object or talisman to fill that objects auric field with light.

Seal in this new higher vibrational frequency:

While standing or sitting,
Bring your awareness to your heart center,
and then let your focus drop straight down like a plumb line to the center of the ground below you,
then send it below the surface of the earth to Earth Star,
the base of your aura about a foot below the ground.

As you inhale, begin to draw your awareness up and towards the right, drawing a half circle from that point to a point above your head.
Now without pausing, begin to exhale and continue the second half of the circle until it connects down at your starting point.
You should now picture yourself with a ring of white light around you.
Keep tracing the circle with the inhale and exhale pattern until you can visualize it clearly.

Now from the same starting point,
begin to inhale and draw the circle forward, passing over the front of your body until you reach the point above your head.
Then begin an exhale and let this light descend behind you and connect again at the bottom.
Repeat until you can picture it clearly.

From the point beneath your feet, inhale and envision the light spiraling up around you. Exhale and let it spiral back down.
Repeat until every point about you is filled with light.

Finally, From the same starting point, inhale and visualize light rising up through the center line of your body,
and when it reaches the crown of your head, exhale and visualize this light radiating out and falling about you in all directions like a fountain.
Inhale as you gather it back in below you, draw it upwards, and exhale as it falls about you once more.

When you see your aura completely surrounded in light, bring your awareness back to your heart center, and return the breath to normal. End with a statement of gratitude for Divine assistance and blessings.


by Naha Armády