Solar Invocation Ritual

Middle Pillar Summer Solstice Ceremony
This Solar Invocation may be performed at any high point of the Sun this Summer.

“I call upon the Sun Gods

Tifaret! Helios! Aten! Ra!
Apollo! Horus! Sūryaprabha!

Sekmet! Brighid! Rama! Aruna!
Sol Invictus, Phoenix! Athena!

Zeus! Eos! Agni! Mitra!
Inti! Amaterasu! Wi! Atarapa!

Oh great Solar One –
By all names and by all cultures we call upon thee!
To adore thee daily In thy Bark!
To radiate light and to generate warmth,
May your blessings shineth forth!

May we leave behind us all that we are shouldering which is fear-based.
May we close the door on the traumas of the past.
May we forgive so that we may unburden our hearts.
May we be wiser and stronger.
May we use all we have learned in the coming season
May we make the best use of our time
May we spend our resources wisely
May we attract abundance, love and opportunity
May we rise up out of any stagnant or unhealthy patterns
May we change the dynamics of our relationships that they too may grow and evolve.
May we spread the light as ligh-bearers
May we shine like the strongest Sun.

SO IT IS!!!”