Cancerian Decans

Decans of the Minor Arcana Part 4
What every good magician needs to know.

This month we enter the 4th sign of the Zodiac – the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

As initiators of each season, Cardinal signs also correspond to the first triad of each minor suit. So we know that the sign of Cancer will relate to the 2, 3, 4’s, and the Suit is Cups because Cancer = Water and Cups = Water

Images from the Thompson-Leng Tarot

June 21 – June 30th = 2 of Cups = Venus in Cancer
There is just something special that draws two people together. Before there is any sense of who a person is or what they are like, there can be a clear desire to simply want to see that person happy, without the need to attract or possess them. This is an innocent time.

July 1 – July 11th = 3 of Cups = Mercury in Cancer
As roles begin to be established, everyone can work for the common good. Recognition and reward are available for those who share their gifts and talents in fruitful collaboration.

July 12 – July 21st = 4 of Cups = The Moon in Cancer
Not every opportunity is one to take. Know when the offer is too good to be true, or is simply tempting because it is familiar. This is a good time to practice emotional boundaries, and not be too easily swayed.

“Every relationship has an etheric matrix which it is built upon, created by the dialogue, patterns, and history of the people in the relationship. It is just as important to grow, build, and evolve the energetic template of the relationship as it is for each individual to work on themselves. This can be done effectively if all involved understand the concept and contribute to the building.” – Naha