Leo Decans

Decans of the Minor Arcana Part 5
What every good magician needs to know.

by Naha Armády

In the third week of July, we enter the 5th sign of the Zodiac – the Fixed Fire sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun.

In ancient times, it was Leo that began the Zodiac, and for that reason, it is here that the Chaldean order of the Planets begins, around the Decan Wheel. (The Chaldeans were ancient Mesopotamian star-mappers and pre-Babylonian astronomers). The Chaldean order is the same order that the planets fall on the Tree of Life: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, Mercury, The Moon.

This relates to their corresponding Sephiric number:

Saturn = 3

Jupiter = 4

Mars = 5

The Sun = 6

Venus = 7

Mercury = 8

The Moon = 9

So the first decan of Leo is Saturn in Leo, the second decan is Jupiter in Leo, and the third decan is Mars in Leo. The planets continue around the zodiacal wheel in this order.

Images from the Thompson-Leng Tarot

July 22 – Aug 1st = 5 of Wands = Saturn in Leo
You might be inclined to fire up the engines and lead the charge, but this is a time to cool your jets. Step back and away from issues and drama. Regroup, focus on your own tasks, and let others do the same.

Aug 2nd – Aug 11th = 6 of Wands = Jupiter in Leo
You now have something to celebrate. It’s time to share the news and the joy with those who have supported you along the way. The work you have done has paid off and now you can rally the troops and push forward.

Aug 12th – Aug 22nd = 7 of Wands = Mars in Leo
New growth brings new responsibilities. Whenever we level up, although we are higher, we are still at the bottom of that new level. You can’t expect yourself to have everything figured out your first day on the job. Dial in the foundation first.

“Fulfillment doesn’t come from having a good job, it comes from doing a good job.” – Naha