New Moon Ritual for Resolution and Rebirth

New Moon Ritual For Resolution and Rebirth.

Tonight the moon is not in the spotlight. It is still, quiet, and unadorned.
This is a time to stand vulnerable before the universe.
Begin in a dark room, with a lit candle. Perform the LBRP or opening ritual of your choosing.
Place the candle before you, and allow yourself to go into a meditative state. You can achieve this by slowing down your breath, as you focus on the candle flame.
Let your eyes be soft, and allow any thoughts that enter your mind to simply dissipate.
When you have achieved a few minutes of calm and quiet, take a deep breath in, and blow out the candle.
Close your eyes. Allow yourself to be empty.
You adjust to the darkness, and you merge with the stillness.
You are the New Moon. You draw all things needful as the moon draws the tide.
Send your awareness to the core of your being. See the light which flickers there, within you.
Connect to this inner truth, this inner light. Recognize that you need nothing to illuminate it outside of your self.
Visualize this flame growing slightly larger. Within its golden glow you find a glimpse of what is to come. A secret dream, an inner goal, a higher point of focus.
Affirm to yourself:
“THIS is what I want for myself – with all of the work that it may entail, with all of the responsibilities that it may place upon me. I am willing to do my part and I am not seeking any validation from others. This work is not for show. Its not for glory, nor for fame. I am but a humble servant to the Great Work:
A propagator of Truth, a conduit of Light. A seeker of Wisdom, a vessel for Spirit.
As above, so below, as within, so without. The Divine Light connects us all.

SO IT IS!!!”