Full Moon Ritual How-To

Using ritual in our lives is something that can have many positive benefits. It gets us out of the mundane reality of our lives and puts us into sacred space. It helps us to center ourselves in the present moment rather than worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. It allows us to tap into the magical realm and connect with Spirit. And it helps us in getting clear on what we are doing, what we want to do, and what we want to change.

There are a few steps to consider in making your ritual especially powerful.

1. Cleanse – A ritual bath is a great way to start, dress in something that makes you feel light and unrestricted. Then do some cleaning on your space. Light some sage or palo santo, travel in a counter-clockwise direction as you move any stagnant energy out.  Think about the things you want to release. You might want to write them down, to get them out of your mind and onto paper.

2. Lay out your magical implements – representations of the four elements.

  • LIGHT INCENSE – and call upon the energies of the East and the powers of Air. Ask to align yourself with the energies of clarity, peace of mind and liberation.
  • BLESS YOURSELF WITH WATER – and call upon the energies of the West and the powers of Water. Ask that all blockages, bitterness or burdens in the emotional body be dissolved and diluted.
  • LIGHT A CANDLE – call upon the energies of the South and the powers of Fire. Ask for the Divine Flame to be ignited within you, to strengthen and guide you, and to shine your light into the world.
  • PLACE YOUR CRYSTALS IN AN INTUITIVELY CREATED PATTERN – call upon the energies of the North and the powers of Earth. Ask for the assistance of the Crystal Devas to help raise the stones to their highest vibration, to assist you in also raising the vibration of your being.

3. Invocation – It is time to call upon your guides. Here is a prayer I like to use:
“I call upon my guides, my guardian angels, my ancestors. Those aspects of the Divine who work with me on the highest levels of 100% pure light, I ask for your presence and your assistance in this working.”

You can make any requests now.  You may want to go into a meditation, do some visualization, chanting or put on some music, and just allow yourself to be surrounded by your highest guides. They are there to set a new pattern, one which is more aligned with your higher self.

If there is anything or anyone in need of healing, you can pray for them now.
If you wrote down anything to release, you can rip up the paper and burn it.
This is also a good time to do a reading, pull an oracle card, or another type of divination. If there is something you need a sign about, try just drawing a single card.
Take some time to journal your feelings and experience.

4. Closing – Center yourself in gratitude. It’s time to be thankful for the assistance that has come through for you. “I thank my guides, and all who have assisted in this working, I bow humbly before thee.”

Affirm your ritual closed and the working complete.