Allow yourself to assume a relaxed position, release tension from your body and take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself.
Now consider yourself at a crossroads. A sign at the intersection says “UNION THIS WAY” and the arrow points in both directions. One path branching to the left, and one to the right. Before you, at the intersection, a simple wooden table, adorned by the Magician’s implements – the rod and cup, the dagger and pentacle. Stepping up to the table you discover that in the center of these objects, there is a pack of playing cards. A simple prayer to your guides and you ask to see a sign, an indicator of which path to take.  You shuffle the deck three times, and cut with your receptive hand. Turning over the top card, it shows the number 6. The Key of the Lovers. This is the path at your Right, and you look towards it. There are many others upon this path, and they are all interacting. Some are walking hand-in-hand. Some are skipping, others seem to be arguing with each other. You take a few steps upon this path. There is a Radiant Sun in the distance, and some before you seem to be drawn by it, pulling along their partners. You see an elderly couple moving slowly but steadily towards the light, and a young couple that keep darting backward, then forward, then back again. The only way to proceed upon this path is to work together with the others, the path rises and falls, and the steps of one affect the steps of the others. You hear singing, shouting, questions, and stories. The words intermingle in chaotic poetry. Success upon this path lies beyond logic, the magician knows – discernment, clear hearing, and speaking of truth; trusting and trudging, two halves becoming whole.
Now you return back to the crossroads, and approach the table again yet from the other side. You look down at the untouched deck of cards and from this perspective, the top cards says 9. The key of the Hermit. As the crossroads now lie behind you, this path becomes the Right Hand path.
You turn around and look down it. After a few short steps, you see that there is not a path here at all. A rocky canyon cuts into a mountainside, the remnants of a river indicating a way through. A large boulder has fallen into the space before you, there is no way around it. With all of your might, you strain and stretch, you find your grip and pull yourself upward. With multiple attempts and your body sweating and abraded, you finally climb up onto the gigantic rock. Dropping to your knees in exhaustion, you see a symbol carved into the top of the boulder. You place your ear upon the symbol. You listen to the stone. It says, “You are here”.